Markus Möll

Laborant i.R., Bern. Vortrag Polartagung Zürich 1976, Publ. 1976 mit H. Oeschgeravatar image


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Oeschger, Hans, B. Stauffer, P. Bucher, H. Frommer, M. Möll, C.C. Langway, B.L. Hansen u. H. Clausen14C and other Isotope Studies on Natural Ice. Proccedings of the 8th International Conference on Radiocarbon Dating. Wellington, pp. 70-92.1972
Oeschger, Hans, M. Welten, U. Eicher, M. Möll, T. Riesen, Ueli Siegenthaler u. S. Wegmüller 14C and other parameters during the Younger Dryas cold phase. In: Stuiver, M. and Kra, R.S. (eds.), Proceedings of the 10th International 14C Conference. Radiocarbon 22, 2, 299-310.1980