Dominik Hofer

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Lehner, Flavio, C.C. Raible, D. Hofer u. T.F. StockerThe freshwater balance of polar regions in transient simulations from 1500 to 2100 AD using a comprehensive coupled climate model. Climate Dyn. 39, 347-363.2012
Hofer, Dominik, C.C. Raible, N. Merz, A. Dehnert u. J. Kuhlemann Simulated winter circulation types in the North Atlantic and European region for preindustrial and glacial conditions. Geophysical Researchh Letters, 39, L15805.2012
Hofer, Dominik, C.C. Raible u. T.F. StockerVariations of meridional overturning circulation in control and transient simulations of the last millennium. Clim. Past 7, 133-150.2011