Esther R. Frei

Dr. WSL, SLF Davos. Gebirgsökosysteme, Störungsökologie.
War auf Ellesmere Island. International Tundra Experiment (ITEX)
Frei, Esther R.


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Bjorkman, A.D., I.H. Myers-Smith, S.C. Elmendorf, S. Normand, N. Ruger, E.R: Frei, E. Weiher et al.Changes in funtional traits across a warming tundra biome. Naturee, 562, 57-62.
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Bjorkman, A.D., M. Vellend, E.R. Frei u. G.R.H. HenryClimate adaptation is not enough: warming does not facilitate success of southers tundra plant population in the high Arctic. Global Change Biology, 23, 4, 1540-1551.
Frei, E.R., V. Stöckli, C. Rixen u. S. Wipf Faster, Higher, More? Past, Present and Future Dynamics of Alpine and Arctic Flora under Climate Change. Abstracts. International Conference, 22. – 25. Sept. 2013, Bergün, Switzerland, WSL Birmensdorf.2013