Hugo Bucher

Prof. Dr. Uni Zürich, Paläontologe. Diss. an der Uni LausanneBucher, Hugo


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Sanson-Berrera, Anna, P.A. Hochuli, H. Bucher, E. Schneebeli-Hermann, H. Weissert, T. Adatte, S.M. BernasconiLate Permian-earliest Triassic high-resolution organic carbon isotope and palynofacies records from Kap Stosch (East Greenland). Global and Planetary Change,133, 149-166.2015
Schneebeli-Hermann, E., P.A. Hochuli, H. BucherPalynofloral associations before and after the permian-Triassic mass extinction, Kap Stosch, East Greenland. Global and Planetary Change, 155, 178-195.2017
Sanson-Barrera, A., P.A. Hochuli, H. Bucher, M. Meier, E. Schneebeli-Hermann, H. Weissert, S.M. Bernasoni Latest Permian to Early Triassic high-resolution stable carbon isotope record from North-east Greenland. Swiss Geoscience Meeting 20132013
Galfetti, Thomas, P.A. Hochuli, A. Brayard, H. Bucher, H. Weissert, J.O. ViganSmithian-Spathian boundary event: Evidence for global climatic change in the wake of end-Permian biotic crisis. Geology, 35, 4, 291-2942007