Anne-Marie Wefing

Dr. ETH. Pysikalische Ozeanographie
Wefing, Anne-Marie


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Wefing, Anne-Marie, N. Casacuberta, M. Christl, N. GruberCirculation timescales of Atlantic Water in the Arctic Ocean determined from anthropogenic radionuclides. Ocean Science 17, 1, 111-129. doi://10.5194/os-17-111-20212021
Wefing, Anne-Marie, M. Christl, V. Vockenhuber, M. Rudgers van der LoeffTracing Atlantic Waters Using 129I and 236U in the Fram Strait in 2016. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 124,3, doi://10.1029/2018JC0143992019