Christoph Rohner

Doktorand Uni Zürich, Geografisches institut. Publikation mit Martin Lüthiavatar image


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Vieli, Andreas, M.P. Lüthi, L. Moreau, I. Joughin, M. Reisser, R. Mercenier, C. RohnerLong-term dynamics and forcing of a tidewater outlet glacier in West Greenland. 13th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Basel, Abstract, p. 340.2015
Rohner, Christoph, D. Small, Jan Beutel, M.P. Lüthi, A. VieliMultisensor validation of tidewater glacier flow fields derived from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) intensity tracking. The Cryosphere, 13, 11, 2053-2975.2019